Thursday, March 22, 2012

Out of my Hands

I finished up Peyton's quilt on Sunday and was able to take it in on Monday to be machine quilted. Of course I will have to bind it when I get it back, but that shouldn't take too long.
It doesn't actually have a yellow border around it - that's the backing. I just laid it out that way to make sure I had the required 3 inches on each side.
I love how it turned out and I can't wait to see how it looks after it is machine quilted!
In case you are wondering I found the pattern here. I decided to pay the $8 for the pattern, so I wouldn't have to spend my time figuring out what to do. It was totally worth it!
Now that it's "out of my hands" I can concentrate on the 50 other projects I have on my list before Peyton comes. I'm sure I'll feel differently as I get more uncomfortable, but for now I'm hoping she doesn't come too soon, so I have time to get everything done! I'm 34 weeks today which means I only have 5 weeks left - Yay for being induced a week early!
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Mom Lori said...

It's beautiful sweet Shauna :)

Roger said...

She could be like her data and come 6 weeks early... just saying.

Rachel said...

It looks so great, I love it!!

tracy said...

"Hunger Games"!