Friday, March 30, 2012

Friday Letters

Loving Corbyn's new spring/summer clothes!
Dear Oven,
Why did you have to go and break on us? It was kind of a bad week for that as I was taking dinner to 2 families one of the nights you were broken. Fortunately Bill and Mariah let us use their oven while we were waiting for the repairman to come 3 days later. We are now $140 poorer and I have a new found appreciation for being able to cook dinner in my own kitchen. I hope you're happy.
The accountant
Dear Amazon,
Thank you for having great deals and free, fast shipping! We got all 3 of the Toy Story DVDs, Blu-Rays, and Digital Copies for only $49.99! I may just have to pay for Amazon Prime when my free 3 month trial of Amazon Mom is over.
The internet shopper
Dear Peyton,
I got all your bedding this week as well as your changing pad and changing pad cover. Well, all your bedding except this crib skirt because it is "currently unavailable" on Amazon. I did find it here, but I couldn't justify paying that much plus $8.20 for shipping when the crib we got you came with a white crib skirt. I think it would have matched your quilt really well, but we will just have to live with the white. Anyway, all the stuff I did get is up washing right now and then I will put it in your nursery and we will be one step closer to being ready for you to come. I can't believe you will be here in 4 weeks (or less if you decide to come sooner). I love you already!
Your mom
Dear Corbyn,
You have been quite the little jumping bean this week. All day you jump, jump, jump! You have so much energy - it's hard for your pregnant mom to keep up! You are my little mover and I love you!
Your mom
Dear Rog,
I hope you're enjoying being the one who falls asleep quickly while I'm the one tossing and turning for hours. As soon as I'm unpregnant, I think/hope my superpower of being able to instantly fall asleep will return.
Your pregnant wife
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Mom Lori said...

That's too bad about the oven! I don't use mine enough for it to break - hehe
Glad you got the "real" Toy Story DVD's and the Digital Copies are perhaps the best part!
Sorry about the crib skirt :( I even tried to work my internet magic and find a great price for it but couldn't find it anywhere else!
Corby is a good lil' jumper and I am sure it is hard for you to keep up - I love him too along with all of you <3
Sorry you haven't been sleeping well - especially when you really need your sleep! Wish I had some good suggestions for you!