Thursday, April 12, 2012


It was fun having a little toddler to celebrate Easter with this year! On Saturday morning we took Corbyn to the Spanish Fork Easter Egg Hunt. It had snowed on Friday and it hadn't melted yet, so he got to hunt in the snow.
He probably would have enjoyed it more without the snow, but I think he had fun nonetheless.
It started right at 9:00 and lasted all of 10 minutes. It was pretty sad watching all the families who were late walking up as we walked back to our car. Note to self for future years: Don't be late!
On Saturday night I played the Easter bunny while Rog took a practice GMAT test.
I set out our baskets. Corby got some puzzles, a buzz PEZ dispenser, the Little Critter Shapes book, and a buzz that fits into a spaceship.
Rog got a new electric razor. His old one that he got before his mission wasn't cutting it anymore (no pun intended), so we decided it was time to get a new one.
And I got some new nursing-friendly pajamas.
I also filled some eggs and hid them in Corby-friendly spots. And in the meantime I was making the most delicious carrot cake for our Easter dinner.
Sunday morning Corby had his breakfast and then we took him into the living room to see his basket and collect his eggs. He was pretty excited about everything he got and he LOVED hunting for the eggs when he discovered there was jelly beans in them.
He was totally styling in his new Easter outfit.
After church and Corbyn's nap, we headed up to my Grandma Ford's for Easter dinner. My Aunt Tracy was there and KD also joined us because Phat Tony was in Colorado helping Roger's parents move into their new house. We had a fun egg hunt, a delicious dinner, and as always my grandma spoiled us with Easter baskets filled to the brim with candy. Peyton even got a few things.
I'd say our Easter was a success!
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Roger said...

a prize to the first person that can find all the Easter eggs in the picture above.

Mom Lori said...

I found seven eggs Roger - it almost looks like there are two more in the cabinets, but I think that's just reflections of two of the ones on the floor - I'm ready to claim my prize - hehe!

Looks like a fun Easter was had by all :) Corbyn does look especially handsome in his new Easter outfit!