Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Letters

Our bedtime routine complete with owl superhero cape.
Dear house,
Why do you have to get so messy so quickly? I get you all cleaned up and then a huge mess erupts. It seems I can either keep you clean or get stuff done.
The mom who spends all her free time cleaning up messes

Dear Dinner Group,

We always have good food, but last night especially hit the spot! Hawaiian was a good theme for us. The teriyaki chicken-pineapple kabobs, the lime-cilantro rice with pineapple, the pineapple-coconut muffins, the cabbage salad, the strawberry-citrus slushies (made by yours truly), the brownie dessert... I'm pretty sure I could eat that meal everyday for the rest of my life and be happy.


The 38 week pregnant lady

Dear Corby,

This week was a rough one for sleep. You woke up early every day and took shorter than normal naps. You're not sick and you aren't teething. The only thing I can think to blame this on is you getting a new sister soon. Your neighbor friend, Felicity, did the same thing before her little sister came. Don't worry, mommy and daddy will still love you when there are 2 of you!


Your mom

Dear Peyton,

We are getting anxious to meet you. Please be a good little girl and turn for us on Monday, so I can be induced on Thursday. We have a cute nursery all ready and lots of cute clothes for you. You can't stay in there forever! I love you already!


Your mom

Dear Rog,

Do you realize that at this time next week we could be sitting in the hospital with our new little girl? I don't know how to be a parent to 2 kiddos, do you? We'll figure it out together - we always have, we always will. I love you!


Your Chief
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Roger said...

you are my chief. We'll figure it out and if we need to we can ask Corby for help.

Rachel said...

Good luck Monday! We'll be thinking of you all

Mom Lori said...

Tender post - especially the letter to Rog <3

Corby needs to sleep longer once Grandma Lori arrives to help, or we're going to have a sleep-deprived Grandma - hehe

Get ready for your somersault on Monday lil' Peyton :)
Turn Peyton turn!

tracy said...

Dear Shauna Just Please take care of your self.

Tons of love, tracy