Friday, April 20, 2012

Family x 2

Last weekend (Yes, I am finally getting around to posting about last weekend when this weekend is practically here!) we had both our families visiting. On Wednesday my parents came up for a work conference my dad had in Salt Lake on Thursday. My dad dropped my mom off at our house, so she could come to Peyton's shower with me. She stayed the night and hung out with me and Corby on Thursday.
While she was here Corby opened his Easter present from my parents. It was the first time he actually knew what to do with the wrapping paper without being shown first. He got a Mickey Mouse coloring book and Toy Story coloring pages which he of course loves.
She also helped me get our taxes done, watched Corbyn while I went to the temple (Rog also went that day before work - we had to get our April visit in just in case Peyton came early!), and treated us to Cafe Rio.
They went back home on Friday, so they stopped and took me and Corby to dinner at IHOP while Rog was at KD's graduation with his family. Corby loved his pancakes - too bad all restaurant don't serve breakfast all day long!
On Saturday morning Rog took Corby swimming in the hotel his family was staying at while I stayed at home and got some stuff for the nursery done. Corby didn't have the greatest time because he hasn't been swimming since last summer. (I'm sure after a few visits to Seven Peaks this summer, he'll be our little fish again.)
His favorite part was these fountains.
Then after everyone did some errands in the afternoon, we met up for dinner at Texas Roadhouse. Corby and Jaxon had some cousin bonding time watching Horton Hears a Who during dinner. (Notice Corbyn's newest Buzz from his Grandma Phillips.)
Rog told our waiter it was Dixie's birthday. It took some persuading, but we got her up on the saddle. Happy Birthday Dixie!
It was fun having both our families here for a visit - even though I didn't get to see the Phillips for very long!
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Mom Lori said...

Glad we got to be there for a couple of days - even if taxes got in the way!

Better not get Corby any more Buzz's or he won't be able to hold them all :)

Happy Birthday Grandma Dixie! You're Awesome :)