Friday, April 13, 2012

Five on Friday

1. I finally reached the free photo storage limit for my blog while I was doing my Easter post last night. I knew that would eventually happen, so I wasn't too surprised. I decided just to suck it up and pay the $5 for more storage, so lucky for my readers, nothing will change.
2. I got a TON of cute clothes for Peyton at my shower on Wednesday night. Of course 90% of them are size 0-3 months and of course that is the size I have the most of. I love them all and was having a hard time deciding which ones to keep and which ones to return. Then I realized I could just exchange them for the same thing in a different size. So that's what I'm going to do. I sorted them by store and after visiting Target yesterday afternoon, I have one store down and six more to go!
3. I finally finished the curtains for the nursery this week. They started out as a shower curtain (a lot of the stuff in the room is from the bathroom section at Target), so I cut, hemmed, and added loops at the top to make curtains. It was a little more work than I anticipated because the curtain was definitely not square to begin with, but I love how they turned out. Sorry for the quality of the picture - it's hard taking a picture of a window in the middle of the day!
4. KD is graduating from the LDS Business College today, so a lot of Roger's family is in town. Unfortunately because of the precautions I was given with Peyton being breech I didn't feel like I should venture all the way up to Salt Lake - far away from my hospital where I am preregistered and my doctors. So Corby and I are staying here while Rog attends the graduation. I'm sad to be missing out. Hopefully they will venture a little closer to Provo tomorrow, so I can see them all!
5. I think Corbyn is realizing that something is happening. He's too young to really understand, but he has been giving some clues that indicate he knows something is going to change and soon. Clue 1 - He has been a lot more clingy to me lately. Clue 2 - Peyton's room is one of his favorite places to play. The other day when we were in there we told him to kiss the baby. He went right up to the crib and started giving it kisses. I just hope he'll adjust quickly when she actually does come!
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Emily said...

The curtain looks fabulous!! Her room is coming together quite nicely!!

I reached my photo limit today too! How funny! I actually didn't realize that I was supposed to pay more money to keep using it. Guess I'll have to get on that! Boo!

tracy said...

Pleasepost any updates on baby Peyton!

Mom Lori said...

Peyton's nursery is adorable - I got to sleep in her room the other night:) Thanks Peyton for sharing your room!

Shauna's friends gave her a fantastic baby shower! The owl decorations were adorable and the food was very delicious. I even got 3rd prize on one of the games - WOOT! Thanks to Shauna's friends :)