Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Last Days as 3

It's hard to wrap my head around the fact that tomorrow our family of 3 will become a family of 4. I'm very excited and slightly terrified at the same time.

These last few days we've been trying to make all the last minute preparations for Peyton to come - finishing up the nursery, writing thank you cards, running errands, cleaning the house, catching up the blog, and making sure the laundry and budget got done for the week - while at the same time trying to enjoy each other and our last days as 3.

Saturday morning Corby and I took Rog to one of our favorite parks. It's right outside the library, so we usually stop there after story time. Rog had never been, so we introduced him to it.

After nap time, Rog took Corbyn to Cabela's. We got a gift card there for Christmas and have been trying to find a time to go. I unfortunately had to stay home, but Corby and Rog had a good time together looking at the fish and other fun things they have at the store.

They also made a quick stop at IKEA to get some baskets for the nursery, but they were unsuccessful. {Thanks to Amazon Prime and their free 2 day shipping, I was able to find some, order them, and have them delivered yesterday before noon.}

On Sunday we (and by we I mean Rog) put together the swing. And that evening we took a walk all around our ward to deliver thank you cards from my shower. Then we were able to just sit out on the lawn and talk to some neighbors while enjoying the beautiful weather.

Yesterday afternoon I decided to be brave and run the very last few errands I had to do without Rog. Fortunately Corbyn was an angel and made it easy. We went to Babies R Us and Toys R Us to stock up on diapers. (I had 2 coupons for $7 off a value pack, but they would only let me use one per store. Good thing they are right next to each other and had the exact same value pack of diapers at the same price.) We of course had to stop in the Buzz aisle at Toys R Us. But I was able to move Corbyn along after only a few minutes and without too much of a fuss.

On our way out, we had to stop and play on the cars they have at the front of the store. Good thing he has yet to discover that if you put money in them, they give you a ride!

We also went to the mall to go to Kay's (more on that later), the Children's Place, and the Disney Store (because it is right next to the Children's Place). Again I was able to get Corbyn out after only a few minutes without a fuss. (I told you he was being an angel!) We made a final stop at Costco and then I was able to declare I was done running errands! And that deserves a WOOT!

My parents are coming up today from St. George to watch Corbyn while we are at the hospital. And tomorrow morning Labor and Delivery is supposed to call me between 6 am and 8 am to let me know when to come in to have our baby! I think how ready I get will depend on how early we have to be there!

I'm just hoping and praying that she hasn't managed to flip herself back around to head up. She is such a mover and I didn't realize she had flipped to head down before the version, so I don't think I'd notice if she did flip back. Oh Peyton, please stay HEAD DOWN!! We want to meet you tomorrow and if you're head up again, I don't know what they'll do.
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Krista McOmber said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! I hope all goes well, and I will be thinking of you! I had those same sentiments right before I had Nathan, it was so SCARY to think about being a family of 4! But now, our family just doesn't seem complete without him. :) You'll adjust GREAT... you are such a good little momma! Good luck and CONGRATS!

Mom Lori said...

Grandma Lori is here and all ready to tend Corby for Peyton's birthday :)

WOOT to Shauna for finishing all of her errands and WOOT to Corby for being such a good lil' guy

Peyton's Nursery is even more adorable in person!

Almost time to meet sweet Peyton :)