Friday, June 29, 2012

Five on Friday

1. I have finally gotten into bow making (or rather, headband making). I made this one to go with Peyton's patriotic outfits and I loved it so much, I made a few more like it to go with other outifts she has.

2. On Monday I made these cupcakes for my visiting teacher Megan's son's birthday. I had been trying to think of something I could do to thank her for watching Corbyn for me and I remembered that she had  mentioned that she hates decorating cakes for her kid's birthdays. These were fun and easy to put together.

3. On Tuesday I realized at 9:00 pm that it was Peyton's 2 month birthday. Even worse, it took me until the middle of the night (when I was up feeding her) to realize that I was supposed to have taken her 2 month pictures. Things have been a little crazy around here lately.

4. It's been way too hot for my liking (with no end in sight) and thanks to all the wildfires, the air has been totally gross. So we played with the water table in the garage. Corbyn's favorite part was filling it up with our new hose attachment.

5. We combined our temple trip and date night for the month by doing sealings and then getting Cold Stone on the way home tonight. Many thanks to KD and Phat Tony for watching our kids for us!
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Mom Lori said...

Love the headbands and the cupcakes - My creative daughter strikes again!

Looks like Corby is having fun filling up his water table :)