Wednesday, March 27, 2013

11 Months

I can't believe it is only 1 month until this little girl will be 1 year old! These 11 months have seriously flown by. I'm already mourning the loss of my baby. She's so grown up!

PJ at 11 months:

*Loves looking through books on her own (especially little board books), but doesn't really like sitting still while I read books to her. (Probably because she knows that means it's time for a nap or bed.)
*Waves whenever we tell her to say hi or bye. She has the cutest princess wave.
*Is definitely a mama's girl.
*Dances to music.
*Gives us things if we ask if we can see them.
*Can climb up onto Corbyn's bed without any help.
*Loves wearing her sunglasses. They don't stay on too long, but she'll bring them to us to put on her.
*Is sleeping through the night. Looks like our training last week has stuck - hopefully for good!
*Can go up and down the stairs. Although we're still nervous to let her do it without close supervision.
*Gives high fives.
*Points to things and makes a (pretty cute) whiny sound meaning, "I want that."
*Likes to load things in buckets or baskets.
*Finally got her first tooth - the bottom right middle tooth. It's still working on coming in, but I can feel it poking through when I rub my finger over her gums.
*Loves her baby doll. She likes to carry her around, push her in her stroller, and give her a bottle and binky - don't know how she knows she's supposed to do that as she has never had a bottle or a binky in her life!

11 months looks good on you little girl. Next month we'll throw you a party!
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Mom Lori said...

What an adorable lil' sweetheart <3

This post reminds me that I am hug deficient - looking forward to taking care of that this coming weekend :)

Emily said...

Ahhh!!! You found the elephant shirt! I have been looking everywhere for one for Elise for Easter since she is slightly obsessed with them but nobody has them in her size. Tell Peyton she's very lucky to wear that!

She really is so big at 11 months! Can't believe all the things she can do!

Roger Phillips said...

She is so cool. Her and Corby are quite the pair.

tracy said...

She is soooooooo darling.

i wish i could see you all...i miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!

tracy said...

"....mourning the loss of my baby."

Time for number three......? :)

You now have "An Heir and a Spare"......go for it! You already know you have the genes for darling kiddos!

tracy said...

Emily i'd love to go elephant shirt hunting for you (i love a challenge!), unfortunately, i don't think it would reach wherever you are by Easter!

(Wow, someone's a chatterbox today...sorry!