Sunday, March 10, 2013

Hollywood Studios

We did Hollywood Studios in 2 days. The first day (Friday, February 22nd) we saw shows and met characters, but we didn't make it on any big kid rides. We had a Fast Pass to do Toy Story Mania in the late afternoon (which meant we couldn't get another Fast Pass for most of the day). And when it finally came time to use our Fast Pass, the ride had broken down. So we came back another morning (the last day we were there - Tuesday, February 26th) to do Toy Story Mania and a few of the other big kid rides because we absolutely couldn't leave without doing Toy Story Mania!

While we were waiting for the Beauty and the Beast show we took pictures of the cousins in their matching Disney World shirts.

Peyton's shirt wasn't an exact match to Corby and Blake's shirt, but it was a very cute Minnie shirt!

We had lunch at Pizza Planet. Corbyn loved the arcade games even though we didn't put any money in them.

We waited in a pretty long line to meet Buzz and Woody together. They had picture spots as you moved through the line... Corby got to be in Buzz's space ship and strapped to a rocket.

He was very excited to meet two of his very favorite characters which made the wait worth it!

After the Disney Junior show, he got to meet another one of his favorites - Jake!

On our 2nd day we rode the Tower of Terror and Toy Story Mania, but sadly didn't make it on the Rock 'n' Roller Coaster. We ended up waiting for over an hour to ride Toy Story Mania because even though we got there almost as soon as the park opened and went straight there to get our Fast Pass, our Fast Pass wasn't until like 1:00 and we didn't want to stay in that park that long because we'd already done almost everything else we wanted to do.

Good thing Toy Story Mania is worth the wait!

Before we left we ate at Pizza Planet again because Corbyn liked it so much the first time (even though he doesn't really look it in this picture) and the pizza really was very good.

And that was Hollywood Studios!
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Mom Lori said...

Glad I got the shirts for the kiddos - they're looking very cute :)

WOOT Corby - you got to meet your heros!

Roger Phillips said...

He loved it. I really liked PJ's Minnie bow. Can we let her wear that all the time?

The Goodrich's said...

Love the picture of Corbyn with Woody and Buzz. Priceless!!