Saturday, March 2, 2013

Day of Love

We got home from our wild and wonderful vacation to the Happiest Place on Earth - Disney World - on Wednesday and jumped right back into real life. Dinner group, work, Rog's Elder's Quorum Presidency meeting, unpacking, grocery shopping, laundry, trying a new recipe (most definitely a keeper), making cupcakes for a friend's birthday, getting Meg's rear brakes replaced, finding out that my hard drive managed to escape any damage from the great bubble spill of 2013 (WOOT!), dinner with the Petrosinos, a mild cold for the kids (we're just grateful they waited until after the trip!), adjusting back to Utah time, Toy Story marathons (because Corbyn got a weird virus that gave him a fever for a few days and then a rash and all he wanted to do was watch Toy Story), Peyton's 10 month photo shoot, crafting, and St. Patrick's Day package preparations for the Jar.

I have many pictures to go through and lots of blogging to catch up on. First up, a few blogs I meant to do before we left on vacation. It seems a little bit ridiculous now that it's March, but here's our Valentine's Day.


I woke up to find that Rog had left me cute little dry erase marker love notes on our bathroom mirror, microwave, oven door, and menu board. A fun little surprise!

Later in the day my early birthday present arrived. I had been planning on using all my birthday money to get a DSLR camera and we figured we might as well get it before Disney World, so we could use it there - so glad we did!

I had scheduled to give blood at 5:15 (a very romantic Valentine's Day activity). Before we left we made sure to leave Rog a little surprise to find when he got home. Sugar cookies and love notes complements of Our Best Bites.

Rog and the kids picked up our very fancy dinner for the night - a heart shaped pizza from 5 Buck Pizza - while I gave blood and ran a few errands.

After we put the kids to bed I decorated more sugar cookies and Rog changed Meg's oil (another very romantic Valentine's Day activity).

I also finally got Corbyn's valentines ready to take around to his friends the next day (A day late, but he didn't know and he loved it!). I let him pick them out earlier in the month. He had the choice of Mickey Mouse, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Toy Story. He surprised me by picking Mickey.

It wasn't the most romantic day, but we're not really in a romantic stage of our life right now. It was just fun to do a few things out of the norm to celebrate the Day of Love!

I'm so lucky to have 3 Valentines - my Rog and PJ.

And my free hugging Corby the Corbs! (Love this picture of him!)

I love them all to pieces and can't imagine my life without them!
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The Goodrich's said...

Um, totally not lame to be playing catch-up on your blog. Have you read mine lately? I have much to catch up on. Better than not at all, right?

Mom Lori said...

I'm a firm believer in "better late than never". Anyone who knows me is laughing right now - hehe :)

Cute ideas for Valentine's Day - we even got some of the cookies on President's Day weekend - lucky us!

Please share the cute photos on dropbox :)

Glad you got your camera early and had it for Disneyworld!