Thursday, March 21, 2013


Like I said before, Rog tricked me to believe my birthday would be like any other day (although I kind of thought he might pull something because if it was really going to be a regular day he would have seemed more sorry). I didn't expect him to take the day off, but I thought maybe we could go out to breakfast and he could go in a little late. But he kept saying it had to be a regular day, so I resigned myself to that just in case it really was. I even defrosted chicken the night before for our dinner.

Of course I woke up and found that he was taking the day off! (He has lots of days saved up and with him leaving to go back to school, he might as well use them! A lot of the people he works with were at a conference anyway, so there wasn't a lot going on at work that day. And he most likely won't be able to take the day off next year because he'll be in school.)

We went to breakfast at Kneaders (YUM!) and then I got ready for the day.

We did the grocery shopping for the week because it needed to be done. We let Peyton help push the cart around. What a cutie!

Then we went on a surprise activity. I honestly had no idea where we were going until we pulled up at Jump On It.

We all had a blast - including Corbyn and Peyton! Rog was thinking of having Mariah watch the kids, but decided to bring them along and I'm so glad he did. It was fun seeing their reactions and playing with them.

Peyton was absolutely fearless.

And of course Rog was a total monkey!

We picked up my birthday present (Wreck-It Ralph) on the way to dinner. It came out that day, so Rog couldn't pick it up beforehand. It was on sale and we had a coupon that made it super cheap (for a Blu-Ray anyway).

We had dinner at Applebees. I got a free birthday treat, but they didn't sing to me because our waiter thought it might scare the kids which was totally fine with me!

We stopped at Krispy Kreme to get my free birthday donut and then headed home to put the kids to bed.

After they were asleep, Rog put a candle in my donut and sang to me. And then I opened my present. This is my, "I have no idea what this is... Oh wait, I was the one who bought it" face.

It was a great day! I wasn't totally excited about turning 27 (getting too close to 30 and it's an ugly odd number), but it hasn't been too bad so far!
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Roger Phillips said...

You make 27 look good. Love you babe.

tracy said...

Oh, please are lovely.....wait 'til you turn 50+

Emily said...

I'm glad that Rog surprised you and gave you such a fun day- you deserve it! I passed Jump On It a million times on the freeway (like most people) and have always wanted to go. Looks like a blast, what a fun idea Rog!

Mom Lori said...

Thanks Shauna for making my dreams of being a mom come true 27 years ago!

Thanks Roger, for spoiling my dear daughter on her special day!

Thanks Corby and Peyton for the smiles and love you bring to all of us :)

Next year we will be close and can help make your day special!