Sunday, March 3, 2013

President's Day Weekend

President's Day weekend was the weekend right before our trip. Rog had President's Day off, so we planned to go down to St. George to work on PJ's play kitchen. We knew it was kind of a crazy plan because that meant I only had Tuesday to get everything packed and ready for our trip and Rog would be at work, so I wouldn't have any help.

As the weekend approached, we deliberated long and hard about whether we should go or not. I was getting nervous about being able to get everything ready and my mom was sick with a cold (and we didn't want her to give it to the kids). Finally we decided to just go ahead with our plan and go.

The kids were up early Saturday morning, so we played with my new camera.

We think Peyton makes a pretty cute practice subject.

My mom stayed far away from our kids which meant we didn't have a babysitter to go to the temple. We decided to divide and conquer. I went first and it took forever! I only did initiatories, but I was there for almost 2 hours - I should have just done a session! Because it took me so long, we decided Rog would have to go another day.

We spent the afternoon with Rog's grandparents working on the play kitchen and then we went to dinner with them at Village Inn.

On Sunday after church we introduced Corbyn to Beauty and the Beast in preparation for our trip. We knew part of the New Fantasyland was Beauty and the Beast and we wanted him to recognize it.

Corbyn and Roger played outside for a good long time. The weather was beautiful! Rog would lift Corbyn up, so he could see in the kitchen where the rest of us were - he thought that was pretty funny.

Corbyn also played with some of my Littlest Pet Shop toys my mom saved. His favorite was a teeny tiny blow dryer. He would point it at us and make awesome blow dryer noises.

That afternoon Peyton mastered walking in her shoes and I breathed a huge sigh of relief that I didn't spend $35 on baby shoes for nothing!

That night I made bows for all of Peyton's summer shirts I bought her specially for the trip. I was pretty proud of this Minnie bow.

On Monday we basically just packed up, said our goodbyes, and headed home. And then I was in full packing, laundry, last-minute errand mode until we left for our trip Wednesday morning!

It was a fun weekend and now that I know our kids didn't get sick from my mom, I can say I'm glad we went!
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Roger Phillips said...

I missed the Sun. I am glad it is coming back.

Mom Lori said...

It was so hard to have to enjoy everyone at a distance! The only reason I made it was knowing that our trip to Disney world was only a few days away . . .

Didn't you make bows on Saturday evening and Sunday evening we played Chicken Foot Dominoes?

Oh dear - a couple more photos that need to be dropboxed - hehe