Thursday, May 30, 2013

13 Months

PJ at 13 months:

*Blows on her food to cool it off.

*Gives Corbyn hugs.

*Pushes things away if she doesn't want them.

*Copies sounds we make.

*Says "uh oh" as she drops something off her high chair. (And then I pick it up and we repeat over and over and over again!)

*Has decided she would rather be picked up and carried down the stairs rather than turning around and going down herself.

*Likes to carry things (like her sippy cup) around under her arm.

*Likes to put lids on containers over and over again.

*Loves to put things around her neck - necklaces, medals, or anything she can pretend is a necklace.

*Usually wakes up around 6:30 am, but will go back to sleep if I put her in bed with us.

*Will try to put her shoes on herself and will bring them to me to put them on, but still loves to take them off.

*Has just made the jump (quite seamlessly) from 2 naps a day to only 1.
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Mom Lori said...

Yep - that sounds like the Peyton I know and love <3

What a sweetheart - give her a hug for me :)

. . . and send these photos my way please!

tracy said...

The pictures are darling....i love them all, especially of Peyton feeding her dolly, the hugs and the adorable black and whie outfit!

i love the way Peyton hands things to people and how Corby told me to "Go in the bathroom and get your hair all dry". We actually played alone for a few minutes uptairs at GG's What fun!