Friday, May 17, 2013

Playing Catch Up (Again!)

Now that I am finally done posting about Peyton's birthday, I can catch up and hopefully stay caught up at least for a little while.

*Phat Tony graduated from the U. We didn't go to the actual graduation because with 2 young kids that wouldn't have been fun for anyone involved. But we went up for the barbecue they had after the graduation. They had it at a park and we didn't see a lot of Corbyn - except when they brought out the watermelon!

*We went to my friend Tiffany's wedding reception at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. We told Corbyn she was a princess and he thought we were back at Disney World. He gave her the biggest hug - cutest thing ever! While we were there, we walked around the temple grounds for a few minutes.

*We (ok, mostly Rog) cleaned out our garage (it was pretty messy after being our play kitchen workshop for the past few months) and vaccumed/cleaned the insides of our cars. I fixed a few little things that have been annoying us since we bought Meg 4 years ago. They ended up being really quick fixes and I'm kicking myself for taking that long to get to them! To keep Corbyn occupied for a few minutes while we worked, I cut some windows and made a fort out of a big box for him to play in.

*Peyton got a new car seat. She'll still be facing backwards for another year, but I think she likes her big girl seat - especially the cup holders.

*My mom and I took the kids to the "Costco park" while my dad and Rog golfed. When we got there Corbyn asked if we could get a shake at Arctic Circle. We got a large to share and he threw the biggest fit ever when I told him he couldn't have the whole thing to himself.

* I finally got Peyton's birth certificate. We needed Corbyn's to go to Canada, so I got his before he was even 2 months old. I figured since Peyton is a year old, it was about time I go get hers!

*The "pirate park" in our complex was torn down and replaced with a basketball court for the older kids. I remembered seeing this pirate park in Provo, so I took the kids there after getting Peyton's birth certificate. It's part of an elementary school play ground, so you can't go during school hours and it's 15 minutes away - otherwise we'd probably go every day.

*We had a few afternoon thunderstorms last week. One night we were grilling up one of our favorite summer dishes, Asian BBQ Chicken Pizza, in the garage, so the kids got to play in rain while dinner was cooking.

*Corbyn had fun making a handprint butterfly.

*One day I was refilling our flour jar. I turned my back for one minute and instantly had a big mess to clean up! I think Peyton started the fun, but Corbyn was more than willing to join in!

*After having dinner at Village Inn, we stopped by our new park (the "Jake park" as Corbyn now calls it) to show Dad, Grandma, and Grandpa our new find.

*I ran the Race for the Cure. I ran it in 2009 and vowed that the next time I ran it, I'd wear something fun. I made a quick tulle tutu the night before. Rog says I was the first tutu across the finish line, so I'd say the race was a success!

*After the race, Corbyn pushed Peyton in the double stroller back to the car. This kid is getting so big!

*We saw the Great Gatsby. I loved it! After just reading it, I can say it stuck with the book very well and more importantly it really captured the feel of the book and the roaring 20's.

*We went to Justin Judd's wedding reception. Justin is Amber's little brother and one of Jared's friends (although he is 2 years older than Jared), so it makes me feel OLD that he is married! It was fun to see Amber and the rest of the Judd family.

*I had a great Mother's Day! Rog and the kids let me sleep in, made me Puffed French Toast, got me a shade tent (for Seven Peaks), and made me a cute card.

*We also got to talk to Elder Jar and have dinner with Grandma and Grandpa and Martha. I made Frozen Lemonade Pie for dessert. Corbyn had fun licking it for awhile and then decided he'd had enough.

*I ended the day reading books to these two cute kids who made me a mom!

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The Goodrich's said...

That park looks great! You need to tell me where it is...or we can go together sometime.

And I love tutu!!