Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend Highlights

*Pizza Pie Cafe. Peyton almost polished off an entire piece of pizza herself after already having some finger food from the salad bar and half my plate of pasta!

*Finally going to Billie Jo Clothing in Provo to order a new swimsuit - I can't wait for it to be done! The one I've been wearing has definitely seen better days.

*First BBQ/picnic of the summer. Peyton was a huge fan of the corn. (She had a little help getting it off the cob.) And Corbyn couldn't get enough of the hot dogs.

*An unplanned visit to the Spanish Fork Splash Pad after playing at the park.

*Ririe Memorial Day Breakfast up Millcreek Canyon. Corbyn was SO SO cute walking across this log. He kept saying, "Careful, careful."

*Visiting my Grandpa Ford's grave.

*Visiting my Grandma Ford and Aunt Tracy.

*$1 Frozen Lemonades at Burger King.

*Visiting my Grandma Joan's grave. This huge ball is right by her grave and helps us find it easily - Corbyn said he was going to push it off.

*A planned visit to the new Pioneer Park Splash Pad in Provo. It was fun, but we decided we like Spanish Fork's better which is convenient because it's a whole lot closer!

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Mom Lori said...

Such fun times with the fam :)

Love the photos and cherish the memories!