Thursday, May 2, 2013

Playing Catch Up

The last few weeks were a flurry of birthday preparations - finishing the play kitchen and getting ready for the party. I'll be blogging about those soon, but first here is a look at what else we have been up to.

*As an accountant, I'm embarrassed to admit that I let my mom do our taxes for me. The one tax class I took in the junior core did not make me a tax expert and I have no desire to become one. We had a few more complicated items this year, so when she offered, I couldn't turn her down. She was also doing Diana and Jared's (with the same complications), so it made sense for her to do mine at the same time. We were expecting to have to pay, but ended up getting everything we had withheld refunded plus some for child tax credit. (Thank you carry forward losses!)

*After finishing A with an apple a and an airplane, we moved on to B with a Bumble B. (After taking this picture, I realized that I made the wings are more like leaves. I have since rounded them out to solve the problem.)

*Corbyn and I had a totally unplanned matching day. It was laundry day and apparently I was in a very BYU mood. Go cougars!

*I tried this recipe for Tomato Basil Soup. We were a house divided. Rog hates tomatoes, so as soon as he saw it on the menu, he decided he wouldn't like it and it's a miracle if Corbyn actually eats what I make for dinner (darn kid). But Peyton and I loved it!

*Peyton has started sleeping with her bear blanket I made her for Christmas on a regular basis. It's pretty much the sweetest thing ever.

*We said goodbye to the Jarvis family as they left for a new adventure in California. We are excited for them, but will miss them so much!

*I saw this recipe for Sugar Cookie Bars and was intrigued. They were crazy good and this time the whole family agreed.

*One day at Walmart, Corbyn saw a dad putting money in a ride for his daughter. He has been content just sitting on them in the past, but now he wants them to move. (DANG IT!)

*I needed to do a bunch of errands up in Orem, so I decided to just take a Friday afternoon and get them all done with the kids. It could have gone horribly wrong because it meant Peyton's afternoon nap was pretty much nonexistent, but they were great for me! While picking up some final supplies for the play kitchen at Michael's I saw this watering can and couldn't resist. I knew it would fit in perfectly with my spring decorations.

*After our errands, Rog met us at Pizza Pie Cafe for dinner. Corbyn got a balloon sword and Peyton got a balloon flower. They were pretty excited about them, if you can't tell.

*We had to divide and conquer to get to the temple this month. I went during Peyton's morning nap on a Saturday and Rog went during her morning nap on her birthday.

*I finally got new running shoes. I was thinking it was about time and then when my legs started hurting I knew it was really time.

*We've entered the "I will not sit still for 3 hours of church" phase with a wandering PJ. This particular day I let her wander outside because it was so beautiful.

*I was called to be a permanent emergency substitute in the Primary (in addition to being a VT District Superviser). I have to be ready to teach any age at a moment's notice. This is hard for me because I am a planner and like to be prepared. It is also hard for me because I am not comfortable with children older than Corbyn. (Before he was born I was not comfortable with any age child.) BUT if it's what they need, I will do my best!

*Corbyn has entered the "I need a band aid for every boo boo" phase. He has some Jake band aids that he loves (maybe a little too much)!

*Rog's softball games have started for the year. Last Thursday his game was at 6:00, so we all got to go. We got J Dawgs for dinner, the kids were content to play on the bleachers most of the game (meaning I got to actually watch the game), and they won. I'd say it was a perfect evening.

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Heather said...

I'm a permanent emergency sub in my ward too and it was so nice to hear someone else has my same problems! I, too, like to plan ahead and it has been a hard calling for me! I guess I'm learning how to go with the flow a little better... And how to not be super annoyed to get an email on a Saturday night from someone who is out of town and forgot to get a sub...

tracy said...

Wow, sounds like things are hopping! What a fun party for PJ! Thank you for having us and for the yummy snacks and fun time!. i think the tomato soup sounds delicious!

i am still struggling to finish "Crossed".....we're in a cave, we're climbing., we're finding old books, we're climbling, we're at a river, we're climbing"....please take me back to society!!!!! A trip to the bookstore (or the library, if i were home), is definately in order!

Love you all!

tracy said...

Please send me some inspiation for fitness! Great pic's!

Rachel said...

One time I really was going to let jilly ride one of those cars but it was broken and wouldn't take my money. So now I can always just tell her it's broken and she totally believes me. :)

tracy said...

Years and years ago, when i taught Primary, sometimes i would just go with the flow and make up a lesson....coloring and drawing are always popular...i'm pretty sure the kids didn't know the, the parents......