Tuesday, May 14, 2013

PJ's Birthday: The Pictures

We had PJ's pictures taken by CheapShots Photography for her birthday. It is just around the corner from us and they did the Easter bunny pictures that we loved. They give you all the pictures they take on a CD and edit the best 15 of them. I wanted to have them taken as close to her birthday as possible, but I had to play phone tag for a few days before I finally was able to get them scheduled

Unfortunately Peyton was getting over a cold when we took them, so she wasn't her smiley self. I should have rescheduled them, but I was worried that they'd end up being weeks after her birthday if I did that. We ended up with 145 not very good pictures (and I only kept 20 of them) which is disappointing because she is normally so cute!

She loved this elephant. No surprise, she loves all stuffed animals and dolls!

At this point in the photo shoot, I knew we were done!

Major bummer. Lesson learned: don't try to take pictures of your 1 year old when she's sick. What a spectacular waste of money!
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Mom Lori said...

Still a cutie - but even cuter when she smiles :)