Saturday, May 26, 2012


Yesterday Rog took the GMAT. Turns out 3rd time was the charm. His goal was to get a 600 and he got a 600! That means we can officially be done with the GMAT. I can have my husband back and Corbyn and Peyton can have their dad back!

He's worked so hard this year taking the prep class, studying practically every night, and taking many many practice tests. I am so proud of him for accomplishing his goal!

So what now? He's planning on getting a MBA/MHA dual degree from the University of Utah starting Fall of 2013. I know what you're thinking... the U? Don't you hate the U? Yes, but they don't offer that degree at BYU, so the U it is. Obviously we don't know any specifics yet. It's still over a year away and he still has to be accepted and all that. But at least now we have the GMAT out of the way and we can start figuring everything out.

But first we're going to celebrate! Here's to a fun Memorial Day weekend without having to worry about the GMAT!


tracy said...

Congratulations Roger! That's fantastic!


PS Is you really hate the U, maybe you can be an that's a commute!

Mom Lori said...

WOOT - Nice work Roger! I knew you could do it!

Enjoy that new iPad :)