Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Peyton's Birth Story

Here it is - the long-awaited birth story.

On Thursday morning, the hospital was supposed to call sometime between 6 and 8 to let us know when to come in. I was planning on getting up around 5:45 to shower, but was waken by Labor and Delivery calling at 5:20 to tell us to be there at 6:00 - so much for my shower! I only had time to get dressed, put my hair in a ponytail, and put on some makeup. We grabbed bagels for breakfast and were on our way to have our baby girl!

We took a quick, final belly picture - 39 weeks!

We got there just after 6 and waited a few minutes in the waiting room before they got to us. They put us in our room and I dressed in my gown. The nurse came in and started my IV - after 4 tries. Apparently they just got new IV kits that the nurses hate. So after 3 failed attempts using the new kit, she found an old kit and finally got it going.

Then after making sure Peyton was still head down, she started the Pitocin at about 7:30. At that point, I started my Gilmore Girls marathon while Rog tried to get some GMAT studying in. Dr. Drewes came in and went over the plan with us. He said that he would come break my water after I got my epidural and then he suspected things would go pretty fast. He felt Peyton and said that she felt pretty good sized which of course was not music to my ears. I seriously spent the rest of the time I was in labor worrying that I was going to have yet another 10 pound baby.

I was having regular contractions, but nothing too painful yet, so I decided to wait a little bit. By 11,  the Pitocin was turned up to the max and I was starting to really feel the contractions, so I requested my epidural. I got a huge dose of the epidural on my right side as soon as he started it which made my right leg SO SO numb. I hated that more than anything. 

Of course when I got my epidural Dr. Drewes was at the Timpanogos Hospital delivering a baby there, so I had to wait until he got back for him to break my water. He didn't get back until almost 1! I was dilated 3 cm when I came in and when he broke my water at 1:05, I was only dilated 5 cm. We had agreed to participate in a study for a new monitor that can read and interpret the baby's EKG, so after they broke my water, they got that attached to Peyton's head. 

That's when things got really crazy. It only took about 40 minutes for me to finish dilating (from 5 cm to 10 cm). They started getting things set up for the delivery. I kept thinking how weird it was that Dr. Drewes was there and I hadn't even started pushing yet (because it took 3 hours of pushing with Corbyn). As soon as everything was ready I started pushing and after a few good pushes, she was here! It was seriously the easiest thing ever after having pushed Corbyn out.

I had a few "skid mark" tears that Dr. Drewes repaired quickly while they cleaned, weighed, and measured Peyton. I got to hold her for about an hour before they came to take her to the nursery. During that time I was able to nurse her. She latched on easily and nursed for a good long time. I loved that time I got to spend with her because they had immediately sent Corbyn off to the NICU after he was born.

Rog went to the nursery with Peyton while I got cleaned up. She was healthy and alert - Rog says that everyone was impressed by how much she was moving around which didn't surprise me at all because she was such a mover while she was growing inside me!

We got to spend a few hours in our room just enjoying our little girl before we started having visitors.

My mom brought Corbyn over after his nap and then Rog went with them to get dinner at McDonald's. A little later my dad joined us with my grandparents. Corbyn wasn't so sure of this new baby thing, but he liked it when we let him "hold" her (with our help).

I couldn't have dreamed for a better birth experience. I am so grateful I didn't have to have a c-section. Thank you Peyton for turning on your own and thank you Corbyn for paving the way and making every delivery after you a piece of cake!
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Rachel said...

Oh yea, glad it went so well! And you have a darling baby to show for it!!!

Emily said...

Hooray for a wonderful birth experience!! I'm so happy that everyone is doing well :) Hope your first week together is going well!

Jana said...

congratulations!!!! she is beautiful!!!

Mom Lori said...

So grateful the labor and delivery went well - We were praying for that!