Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Sleepy Jaundice Girl

At the hospital Peyton tested in the low-moderate range for her bilirubin level, so on Monday we had to take her to be tested again. Her level had gone up a little, but not enough to warrant being under the lights. Corbyn had to be under the lights and I hated it, so I was grateful for that! Today we had to take her in to be tested yet again. Her level has gone down and it is low enough now that we can stop testing her - woot!

Even though she didn't have to be under the lights, she still has had some of the symptoms of Jaundice - mostly being incredibly sleepy. I would have been more worried, but that's how Corbyn was too, so I knew what to expect. I've had to wake her up to eat and go to extreme measures to keep her awake while I'm feeding her. While it hasn't been the most fun, it has made for some cute sleeping pictures. Enjoy!

We decided to do a little home treatment yesterday. When I was a baby and had Jaundice, they kept me overnight under the lights at the hospital and then told my parents to put me in the sunlight in my diaper.

Here's to less sleepy days ahead!
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Jana said...

soak in the sleepy baby phase!!! i miss it :)

Emily said...

Is that why when you are out in the sun all day or sun burned you are so tired? I'm sorry that she is jaundiced but glad to hear she doesn't have to stay under the lights!! What a little doll :)

Mom Lori said...