Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer and Snow Cones

Most of my fondest summer childhood memories include 2 things - my best friend Amber and snow cones. So for me, summer is inseparably connected to snow cones. It really isn't summer until I have had one.

On Saturday after a picnic in the park, we went for our first snow cone of the summer.

We got Corbyn his very own.

The worker suggested we get him Pina Colada, so it didn't stain his shirt. He liked it, but I think he liked ours better because ours was colored.

Ah summer, I'm glad you're here!
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Mom Lori said...

Love the photo of "The Corb" with his first snow cone!

For me, summer means lots of vacations so I can spend time with my family :)

Mom Lori said...
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