Thursday, May 10, 2012

Big Brother Corbyn

I get asked a lot how Corbyn is handling becoming a big brother. That isn't the easiest question for me to answer because sometimes it seems like he is doing just fine and other times it seems like he's having a really difficult time. It's been kind of a roller coaster ride for him with lots of ups and downs.

When he first came to visit baby sister in the hospital, he had a few rough moments.


He also had this sweet moment when we let him hold baby sister. (Yes, I realize I've already posted this picture 2 times, but I really love it.)

My mom was sweet enough to watch him while we stayed in the hospital. They had fun, but I also think it was rough on Corbyn to have someone other than mom or dad come get him when he woke up in the mornings and from his naps. I think he thought we were never coming home.

But of course we did come home. And he was SO excited. We got home on Saturday (the 28th) right before his nap and let him examine baby sister for a few minutes while we read books. (Our pediatrician recommended we try to sell Corbyn on the idea that baby sister's toes are all his - rather than having him touch her face and hands - in an attempt to prevent him from giving her his many colds.) Unfortunately when he tried to put him down for his nap, he would have nothing to do with it. And then of course he was pretty awful for the rest of the day.  

I spend most of my time protecting Peyton from Corbyn. He can be very rough. He likes to snuggle up to her when she is laying on the ground by putting his head right next to hers and then trying to do a somersault onto her. (Don't know where he got that!) But he can also be very sweet - bringing her all her toys, getting me diapers for her, throwing her diapers away, etc...

And we have moments like this one where he just lies calmly next to her and tells her all about Buzz.

I think the hardest part for him is when I have to sit down and nurse her. He knows it is going to take a long time and I can't do very much for him while I'm doing it. (I'm open to any suggestions about how to entertain him during that time. I really don't want to resort to turning on a show every time I feed her.) One silly thing about nursing time - he thinks my breast pads are hats for her and will always put them on her head.


My mom stayed until yesterday afternoon and she was such a big help - taking him on stroller rides, keeping us fed, cleaning the house, doing the dishes, etc... He was pretty clingy to me the whole time she was here though. (I think he thought I was going to abandon him again.) So while it was hard to see her go, it was also good because maybe now he will realize that I'm not going anywhere!

Today was my first full day all by myself with 2 kids. We had Peyton's 2 week checkup at 10:45 and he was pretty awful from the time he woke up until we left for that. But when we got home he was much better for the rest of the day.

We still have a ways to go as far as adjusting goes (and that goes for me too), but we'll get there. I've been told that in a few weeks he'll forget what it was like before baby sister was here. Hopefully that is true!
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Neal & Michelle Bastian said...

The joys of a new sibling! I tried to make nursing time--story time. Maddie would hold the book, and I would ask her to turn the pages and I would read the book to her while I nursed. This worked some days, and was a disaster other days, she just wanted to throw the book at Wilson--for fun I think... Any ways, Congrats!!! It does get better, I never ever believed anyone when they told me that.. but now they play with each other and love it. Enjoy your tiny baby!

tracy said...

What a great post! i never quite imagined what it would be like to have a new baby arive with a little one at home.You certianly have your hands full, literally! Is there a teenager willing to come help you out sometimes, now that school is almost out? (As in the episode of "....Raymond"..."We want Lisa, we want Lisa!!!") ;)

The pictures are adorable...except it's sad to see Corby so upset! i know what might help...a new Buzzzzzzzzz!!!

Peyton, i adore your kippah!

xoxo, tracy

PS Take heart. In our old age, and ever earlier, Ghris and i keep saying we should have had a second....Sam wouldn't be so alone.

tracy said...

Who's Ghris??? Chris!

Emily said...

I'm sure things will get better as he gets used to the new routine. As for nursing time, I always read books to Elise while I nursed Andrew. It's much easier if you have a kindle fire or ipad, but I just did regular old fashion paper books. That worked for us, I hope you find what works for you guys, especially while she's so little and nursing a lot.

Emily said...

One more thing, we bought a toy for Elise that was "from the baby" and she got one for him. (She never questioned how the baby made it to Target to pick something up, ha ha.) But it helped her accept him a little more because he gave her a cool present when he was born. Not sure if anything like that would work for you, but just thought I'd share. :)

Mom Lori said...

It was fun being there for the special moments - although I never saw Corby lay calmly next to Peyton - that's encouraging news :)