Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Letters

Nap time with daddy.

Dear Diana,

Thanks for coming all the way from Texas to visit us. You and Blake were Peyton's first relatives who don't live in Utah to meet her! It was fun for our little boys to get to play together. 

Your sister

Dear Mom,

Thanks for everything you did to help us! We really can't thank you enough. I know it probably wasn't the most fun vacation you've ever had, but we really appreciate you helping us ease into having 2 kids!

Your daughter

Dear Dad,

Thanks for letting Mom come stay with us when it meant you had to be wifeless for 2 weeks. I know it was a sacrifice for you. Hopefully all that golf you got to play made it worth it!

Your daughter

Dear Corbyn,

Kid, you've really got to get an immune system. You'd think with all the colds you've had in your life you would have developed one by now. Thanks for playing in your crib and letting me sleep a little longer. 5:30 is a too early for any mom to have to wake up, but 5:30 is especially too early for a mom who has to get up to feed your baby sister in the night! Take a good long nap and get better soon! And do me a huge favor - don't give your cold to baby sister!

Your mom

Dear Peyton,

You are the sweetest little thing. I love the little squeaks and grunts you make. Sometimes when you fall asleep in my lap after nursing, I can't help but just sit and stare at you in amazement. I can't believe you are mine!!

Your mom

Dear Rog,

2 weeks until the GMAT. I know you're sick of studying and being spread so thin. And I have to admit, I'm a little sick of it too. But you are going to do awesome! And I'm sure one day when you're a big hospital administrator it will all be worth it!

Your wife

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Roger said...

Dear Big Chief Mom,

Thanks for putting up with a husband that is not around once our kids go to sleep.

Thanks for feeding Peyton in the middle of the night.

Thanks for taking care of Corbyn, even when he is sick all the time.

Finally, thanks for being my wife and their mom. We all love you and appreciate your sacrifices for our little family.

-Rog, Corbs, PJ

Mom Lori said...

Dear Roger, Shauna, Corby and Peyton,

Thanks for welcoming me into your home with love. I am glad you feel comfortable having me stay there with you. It was a special time for me and it was fun too :)


Grandma Lori