Monday, June 24, 2013

Father's Day

We had a pretty laid back Father's Day in the midst of a crazy weekend celebrating Corbyn's birthday.

I got up with the kids and let Rog sleep in. We made him breakfast burritos and woke him up with just enough time to eat them, get ready, and head off to a meeting.

After church, we let Corbyn open one of his presents a day early, so he had something to keep him occupied while we made dinner - Peter Pan.

We had Sweet and Sour Meatballs for dinner. My dad raved about them and that's saying something because he served his mission in Denmark where they specialize in meatballs! We've been having them for so long that I forget how good they really are! (Thanks Megan for the recipe!)

After dinner we pulled out the slide again. Many of our neighbors came out to enjoy the nice weather and chat. The kids took turns doing tricks off the slide. My favorite was Corbyn's summersault dismount.

The kids and I got Rog a new pipe for our drain. (He actually had to go back and get the right one after the Home Depot worker told me the wrong one to buy, but it's the thought that counts right...) Our old one was really beat up after being run over many many times. This time he rigged up a system that should keep it from blowing around and getting run over!

We also made him a Father's Day Photo Book.

In it is each of the kids' handprints...

And of course a bunch of pictures from the last year of Rog with Corbyn, Peyton, and a few of the 3 of them. (This is just a sampling of a few of the pictures in there.)

It was fun having my dad here to celebrate Father's Day with. We also got to FaceTime with Rog's dad. And I'm always glad there is a day set aside to celebrate fathers because my kids got one of the best dads out there - really they did!!
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Mom Lori said...

Excited that we were there for Father's Day and got to enjoy the delicious meatballs in addition to being with your family (and Blake too)

Great idea for a Father's Day gift!

Corby's pretty tricky with his summersault dismount!

Love the photos :)

Roger Phillips said...

It was a great Fathers Day. Thanks

The Goodrich's said...

Glad you like the meatballs. They are a favorite around here too...and so easy so that's a definite bonus!!

Emily said...

I love that Rog is a "handy man" and you can get him typical guy stuff. If I got Zack tools or things to help fix our house he'd laugh in my face. Looks like it was a great day celebrating a great Dad!