Saturday, June 29, 2013

Six on Saturday

1. Last Saturday one of our rough neighbor boys broke Corbyn's trike. We tried fixing it with glue, but it wasn't holding. On Monday I called Huffy. They send the part we needed for free and it came on Thursday! Talk about awesome customer service!

2. Tuesday night I was going crazy after being cooped up for what seemed like an eternity. Luckily Rog didn't have bishopric meeting and one of my friends was having a Usborne Book party. It felt awesome to get dressed in real clothes, put on makeup, and get out of the house for a few hours. Rog took care of Corbyn's diarrhea and got the kids to bed without a word of complaint. I ordered some activity books that will hopefully help keep the kids occupied while Rog is up on the stand. Fingers crossed!

3. The last half of the week was uber hot. We braved the heat Thursday night to go to Rog's softball game. I wanted to sit behind the stands under a tree in the shade, but Corbyn insisted we sit in the stands. He had a great time with a little boy (named Peyton) running back and forth. I about died of heat just watching them.

4. I have been wanting to make another quiet book as Corbyn has destroyed a lot of the pages in the quiet book from the quiet book exchange I did a few years ago. This week I discovered this site with tons of amazing quiet book patterns. Now if only I could find the time to get going on them!

5. I'm amazed at how well Corbyn has done with potty training. He rarely has an accident and wakes up dry almost every morning. (I was going to say every morning, but he wet the bed this morning.) He has had more trouble with pooh, but I think he is finally getting it after my visiting teacher told me they call it a pooh snake to help her little boy. At first he refused to go on public toilets, but I ordered this folding toilet seat and now he has no problem with that either. (Best $9 I ever spent!) We still have to remind him to go and I wouldn't say he is officially potty trained, but he is doing great!

6. Yesterday we had a crazy day - we had lunch with Mariah and Charlotte at Arctic Circle, my visiting teacher came, and we went to IKEA. We were rushing home to watch the Howard kids while their parents went on a date. (Rog was already home watching them because IKEA took longer than planned.) We stopped at Costco to get gas and a pizza. I put the pizza on the roof of the car while I strapped the kids in and drove off with it still up there. I realized when we were almost home and by the time I got back there it was a smashed mess in the parking lot, so it was plan b for dinner - mac and cheese all around. We came home to find that Rog had a new little buddy. Sweet Calla wouldn't leave his sight! (I'm a little - ok maybe a lot - jealous of all her hair! Peyton's is getting there slowly, but surely.)

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Lisa said...

Totally pinned that toilet seat. Something I feel like Corbyn and Blake could be buddies, so I definitely forsee Blake having the same problem with public toilets. Thanks again for all your advice!