Friday, June 14, 2013

Five on Friday

1. With Grandma's help, we got out more this week. Grocery shopping at Macey's took two of the ginormous car carts. I'm sure we looked awesome as we made our way around the store, but it was totally worth it!

2. On a trip to Costco, Corbyn saw a man with darker skin (which is relatively rare in Utah). He took one look at him and said (very loudly), "He's chocolate." I'm sure I was bright red as I quickly pushed the cart away.

3. On Wednesday we decided (on a whim) to be really brave and take all 3 kids to Seven Peaks. It was our first visit of the year - Corby and Peyton loved it, Blake not so much.

4. This week was Corbyn's 2nd (and final) week of swim lessons. On Thursday Grandma, Blake, and Peyton tagged along, so Grandma could be our photographer. It's rare that Corby and I get to spend time alone, so these swim lessons have been really special for both of us. I'm so glad I have these pictures to look back and remember them by.

5. Corbyn's latest obsession is water balloons. He starts asking for them pretty soon after we get up for the day. This afternoon Rog and I did baptisms at the temple for a few family names Rog was able to find. Corbyn wasn't excited about me leaving until I told him Grandma would probably do water balloons with him.

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tracy said...

Maybe the guy was Hot" Chocolate! ;)

tracy said...

In reality, the guy probably thought it was funny!