Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

1. I finally came to terms with the fact that Google Reader is going the way of all the earth at the end of the month. I haven't had time to research replacements, so I took the word of Lisa and Janssen and Kayla and went with Feedly because I read blogs almost exclusively from my iPhone. I like that Feedly is an actual app (Google Reader wasn't) and other than having a hard time commenting on posts from my phone, I have liked it so far.

2. I watched Charlotte for a few minutes the other day. It had been awhile since I watched her last and she has grown up a lot in that time. Now she rolls and sits up making her more fun for Corbyn and Peyton. Peyton thought she was her own personal real live doll and couldn't stop giving her hugs and kisses. It was just about the cutest thing ever!

3. Corbyn got a toy he already had for his birthday, so we returned it to Walmart and I let him pick out another toy. He loved that and ultimately decided on Hook's Accessory Trunk Play Set. He has had fun playing with it, but hasn't stopped talking about Jake's Talking Spyglass - his second choice. Lucky for him, he just started potty training today (see #4 below) and will be getting it as soon as he fills up his sticker chart. (We're definitely not above bribery - especially when it comes to potty training!)

4. Today was potty training boot camp for Corbyn. I followed the program described in this blog post. I've been dreading potty training, but it wasn't as horrible as I thought it might be. I absolutely refused to try until I was sure he was ready and I'm sure that made a huge difference. I'm not saying he got it immediately, but he did do pretty dang good. As in, I cleaned up more popsicle spills than pee. Fingers crossed that tomorrow goes just as smoothly!

5. After dinner tonight we set up our new tent for the first time in our "front yard." Corby, PJ, and I had been cooped up all day on the linoleum potty training and we were needing an excuse to get out for a few minutes. We were pleased to discover that we'll be able to fit a queen blow-up mattress and a pack 'n play in there with room to spare. With that discovery, I'm feeling a lot better about a camping trip we have coming up in July with some friends from our ward.

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Rachel said...

That's almost exactly how I potty trained Jilly- it's originally from the book Toilet Training in less Than A Day by Nathan Azrin. I'm glad Corby had a good first day! We didn't ever have Jilly call anyone, but we'd say "Mommy's happy! Daddy's happy!" and to this day when she goes potty she almost always says "Mommy's happy!"

Lisa said...

Thanks for the link to the potty training post! I'm still going back and forth about whether I'm going to try to train Blake pre baby #2 or post baby, so if you have any thoughts , let me know. Blake will be 2.5 when the baby is born which I feel like is borderline. If he were a girl, I'd probably go for it, but it seems to be harder for boys.

Mom Lori said...

So Glad the potty training is going well - Go Corby!

That's sweet about Peyton thinking Charlotte is her personal doll :)

Rewards are a great idea too

Love the photos :)