Monday, June 3, 2013

Weekend Snippets

*Rog cleaned all our windows - inside and out. (I keep our house tidy and picked up. He does most of the deep cleaning.)

*When Rog told Corbyn he was too little to come on a bike ride with him, Corbyn said that he wanted me to take him to the doctor, so the doctor could make him big enough to go with. (Talk about melt your heart cute. How could Rog go after that? They went on a little ride around our neighborhood.)

*We had a family barbecue with my dinner group. Peyton loved jumping on the trampoline.

As did Corbyn. His favorite part was being bounced around by the older kids.

*We rented Pitch Perfect from Redbox. (It was pretty good. We had a free rental, but it would have been worth $1.28.)

*We had Sunday dinner up at my Grandma Ford's house with the whole Ririe clan except Jared. (Peyton sat at the kid table like a big girl. I joined her after I finished my dinner.)

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Roger Phillips said...

You're a big girl too Chief. It's OK to sit at the kid table.

Mom Lori said...

Nice job Rog!

Corby is such a sweetie - he'll be bigger soon enough :)

Glad the family barbecue was fun!

Sunday was a special day - having all of my family near except Jared - but soon he can join us too :)

Love the photo of Shauna and Peyton at the kiddie table :)