Monday, January 27, 2014

1:00 Church

Rog's birthday was our first Sunday having 1:00 church. 1:00 church is nice because I have all morning to get myself and the kids ready. (Sometimes too much time - Peyton ends up getting her dress and tights dirty before we even get to church!) Rog's meetings don't start until 10:00, so I also have some help before he leaves.

But 1:00 church is awful because Peyton normally takes her nap around 1:30. My plan to combat this problem is as follows: I aim to have us ready and in the car by 12:30. We take a scenic route up into Mapleton and then back down to our building in hopes that she will fall asleep. If she does fall asleep, I can carry her into Sacrament Meeting and hold her while she takes a short nap. This has worked 2 out of the 4 Sundays we've had our new schedule. The days she doesn't get a nap, I drop her off at Nursery feeling so bad for her leaders - although I think she is actually pretty good for them even with no nap. It's after church that she really is a joy! As the year goes on, I'm sure my plan will work less and less and I'll probably abandon it at some point, but for now, it's worth the effort because the days she gets even that short nap she is much better!

1:00 church also makes for a busy evening. Half of the Sundays Rog counts tithing and he also has to try to fit in home teaching visits. We have to make time for our home teachers to come and of course there's the all important Sunday Dinner!

11:00 is obviously the best schedule. I'm already dreading 9:00 church next year - getting myself and the kids ready and to church before 9:00 with no help at all! YIKES!

Rog's birthday was also Corbyn's first day of Sunbeams. He did great the first 20 minutes during Singing Time, but by the time Sharing Time hit all the other kids were starting to freak out. I was watching him from a few rows back. One minute he was fine and then he just broke down in tears. Without even thinking about it, I started crying too. It was totally ridiculous - I could not stop crying. I pulled myself together long enough to teach my class, but then broke down again after. I'm blaming it on the lack of food from fasting! 1:00 church makes for long Fast Sundays and Riries don't do well without food!

He had a great time once Rog got him calmed down and in class. It totally helps that he has the BEST teachers (the Soelbergs) and one of his best friends (Rhys) is in his class.

He had a hard time the second week too because he knew I was in there and he wanted to come sit with me and my class. He wouldn't go with his class when Sharing Time was over, so I had to bring him to my class with me. I finally got him to go to his class when he wanted treats from the diaper bag and I wouldn't let him have any. I told him if he wanted treats, he had to go with his class. He went and had a great time again. And since then we haven't had a problem!  

I still can't believe he's old enough to be a Sunbeam!


Emily said...

Ah yes...Sunbeams. Elise is also having a hard time. Not crying but not sitting still, running all over, crawling under chalkboards. Yeah, it's awesome. She made the Sunbeam cut off by about 2 days so I blame it on that!

I'm sorry Sundays are so crazy! It's hard having a husband in meetings all the time. But you know, you don't HAVE to home teach on a Sunday. There is no rule. It might be easier that day but not a must. Have your home teachers come on a Thursday or something if that's easier!!

Rachel said...

Oh, I really disliked 1pm church- even getting everyone ready by myself by 8:30 is better! And, we used the same method the first part of the year- driving around to hopefully get Jilly a nap then we just gave up and she was actually pretty good in nursery (just hard in Sacrament Meeting!) Good Luck!!