Thursday, January 30, 2014

21 Months

PJ at 21 months:

*Requests that I sing certain songs. She'll say "sing Jesus" or "sing snowman" or sometimes just "sing song."

*Calls herself Super Peyton on occasion.

*Still likes to be picked up and carried quite a bit although she is getting too big and heavy for it!

*Gets really sad when we have to tell her no. 

*Likes to repeat things she says 3 or 4 times. Sometimes she'll keep saying it until you say it back to her.

*Wants to do everything herself and gets so mad if you try to help her. She sees Corbyn doing things and thinks she should be able to do them too. We hear a lot of "Me do it!"

*Always asks for a different cup of water before bed.

*Likes to take apples out of the fridge, take a bite out of them, and then put them back.

We love this independent little girl! 


Mom Lori said...

Love you so much lil' PJ <3

Cute photos - Send to Grandma please :)

tracy said...

Alright! Looks like the cutie has some horse lovin' blood in her! :)