Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Grandpa Phillips was working in Lehi this week, so we got to see a lot of him. We had dinner with him at Taylor and Martha's house Monday night and at our house Wednesday night. He also treated us to breakfast at Kneaders this morning. He's a quiet guy, so it was nice to spend some time with him in a smaller group setting without some of the louder personalities in our family around to dominate the conversation.

2. Peyton's favorite activity of the week was building tall Lego towers with Corbyn. I like that she enjoys the typical girl things, but will also play with Corbyn and his "boy things". 

3. We've had week after week of sunny, but cold weather this January. You'd think that would be nice, but with the inversion we've been praying for snow! We finally got a storm this week to clear the air. It wasn't a huge one, but I think it did its job! 

4. Today was dentist day for the kids. I took Corbyn to his appointment at 9:30 while Rog stayed home with Peyton. While we were there I figured I should schedule an appointment for Peyton because she's getting close to 2. The receptionist surprised me by saying, "Why don't you bring her in at 10:30." Um, ok. So when Corbyn was done, I dropped him off and picked Peyton up. They both did great - especially Peyton for her first time. And best of all, no cavities! Corbyn got a teeny tiny ninja with his token and Peyton took a ride on the horsey.

5. It took me all month, but I finally got around to making this craft for my January decorations - just in time to put it away tomorrow when I decorate for Valentine's Day! I couldn't let it become another project on my started (or purchased), but not finished list. It only took an hour from start to finish including drying time when I was working on other things. At least it's all ready for next year!