Tuesday, January 7, 2014

20 Months

PJ at 20 months:

*Started calling Corbyn Corby for a bit, but has since returned to calling him Cor Cor.

*Copies pretty much everything we say. She's our little parrot. Like when Corbyn says, "I had it first" she says, "I had it first" right back.  

*Sings songs. Her current favorite is Once There was a Snowman complete with melting to the ground at the end. She always starts singing the cleanup song when I say we need to clean up. (She must have learned it in Nursery because we never taught it to her. Pretty impressive considering she only has been to Nursery a handful of times because she's at that age where she's pretty much sick every other week.)

*Has been known to bite on occasion. 

*Finally got her bottom lateral incisors and is working on her bottom canines and bottom first molars.

*Is obsessed with belts and ribbons. If she ever sees Rog's belt, she insists he takes it off. She also carries any ribbons she can find around the house and wears them around her neck like a necklace.

*Knows what she wants and will not rest until she gets it. Often what she wants is to do things herself. We hear a lot of, "I do it!" Her favorite thing to do herself is buckle her carseat. She can do that pretty well, but other things she needs more help than she thinks. Usually if I just let her try for a minute, she'll let me help.

*Can climb up on our bathroom counter by climbing up on the toilet and then up on the counter from there.

*Knows to start prayers with Heavenly Father and will repeat a lot of what we say. 

*Is really strong. When she gets a piggy back ride (or a horsey ride as she calls them), she holds on by herself. It's hard to tell, but in this picture she's lifting her legs off the ground while holding onto the bathroom sink.

*Can do somersaults.

*Has an awesome cheese face complete with squinty eyes for pictures. (Not pictured here. Stay tuned - lots of the pictures we took at Christmas have the full effect.)

We love our sassy, smartypants girl!


Roger said...

she's pretty sweet... most of the time.