Friday, January 10, 2014

Five on Friday Returns!

1. Rog started his spring semester on Monday, so we spent the week trying to get back into our normal routine. The kids are used to playing with daddy all day every day, so I'm having to retrain them to play by themselves while I'm getting stuff done! 

2. Peyon's dolly she got for Christmas last year has been very well loved. One of the eyes gets stuck closed, the paint on that eye is chipped, the hair is beyond just needing to be combed, and the body stained. As heartless as it sounds, I decided it was time for a new dolly. Tell me I'm not the only one who has done this?! I opted for this bald baby, so I wouldn't have to deal with hair (and Peyton was a bald baby herself so it seemed fitting). When it first came I let her play with both dolls (and her Cinderella doll she got for Christmas this year). Then when she wasn't looking I put away her original dolly. It was quite a seamless transition.

3. In an effort to get Corbyn to eat what we eat for dinner, I printed off a sticker chart. He gets 1 sticker if he tries everything on his plate and 2 stickers if he finishes everything. So far he's earned 2 stickers (over 2 nights). I'll take it! That's 2 nights he's tried things he never would have touched before! 

4. We had a snowy week, so the kids finally got an opportunity to try out the snow clothes they got for Christmas! Peyton wasn't a fan of the snow pants, but decided they were ok when she saw Corbyn wearing his too.

5. Rog's contract with TMobile expired this month, so he was finally able to join his family's plan on Verizon. He used his birthday money to get an iPhone 5s - quite the upgrade from the iPhone 3G he's been using for years. 


tracy said...

Cute snow bunnies!

Looking good, Rog!