Friday, March 28, 2014

23 Months

PJ at 23 months:

*Has discovered a few apps on my phone and demands to play puzzles or hippo pretty much anytime she sees my phone. She is getting really good at them too!

*Yells "GO" anytime we are in the car, but not moving (like at a red light or something).

*Believes that kisses make any owie better. She's always telling me to kiss it better!

*Is constantly telling me I'm a silly mommy. 

*Calls muffins cupcakes.

*Loves packing her backpack and taking it to church.

*Knows almost all the Disney princesses by name.

*Likes to find the Little People princess that is on her shirt or we are reading a book about, hold it up, and say, "It matches!"

*Loves to show off her tricks and will tell you to "Watch this!"

*Jumps off things and has us catch her. 

*Is so so so sensitive! If she even thinks you are yelling at her or getting mad at her (even when we're not), she'll collapse and cry until she is comforted by someone.

*Loves to hug Corbyn. (Usually he is more happy about it than in this picture. He had just woken up!)

*Says the cutest prayers and always volunteers to give them.

*Can walk up the stairs with no hands.

*Has a long, elaborate bedtime and nap time routine. For awhile she was making us read her books in our room and in her room and it was taking way too long, so I finally had to hide the books in our room. (They are books I like to reserve for Sundays during sacrament meeting anyway.)

*Will skip her nap if she sleeps in too late. Those days she'll just play happily in her crib until I finally decide she isn't going to take a nap and go get her.

I cannot believe this little girl is going to be 2 in one month! We love her so much!


Mom Lori said...

Glad this little sweetheart is such a big part of my life!

Can't get enough of her hugs and kisses :)


tracy said...

Such cute pictures!

Who is the kitty cat?