Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Letter W

It was my turn for joy school again this last week. We learned about the letter W and simple subtraction.

The first day we did whales and watermelons.

We started by watching Jonah from the Old Testament Stories in the Gospel Library App. 

We did a whale puzzle from this Jonah and the Whale pack.

Then we turned our attention to watermelons. We did a watermelon magnet page...

A watermelon maze (They covered all the W's to get from one watermelon to the other.)...

And I showed them some simple subtraction examples using this printable.

We had some watermelon for our snack. It was a little expensive, but worth it because all the boys actually ate it! (And some goldfish because whales eat fish.)

We did a watermelon craft. (They loved putting dot stickers on for the seeds.)

We finished with watermelon play-doh. (Rog punched out a ton of little dots from black foam to use as seeds.)

The second day we did 3 Little Pigs (and the big bad Wolf) and worms.

We read the Three Little Pigs. (I bought the Little Golden Book because it was only $2.25 and my kids are obsessed!)

And then we acted it out. I used images from this 3 Little Pigs pack for the pigs, wolf, and houses. The brick house had batteries taped to the bottom to keep it from being blown over.

The boys took turns being the wolf and blowing down the houses.

We did a wolf magnet page.

And puzzles (also from this 3 Little Pigs pack).

Then it was time for worms! For our snack we had cups of dirt with gummy worms.

We did a worm craft...

 And made bead worms.

We also made worms out of play-doh and finished off the day wiggling our waggles away


Mom Lori said...

W is for WOOT!

You do an AMAZING job at Joy School dear daughter of mine :)