Thursday, March 20, 2014

Superhero Party

Last Saturday the Spanish Fork Library had a superhero party. Corbyn got to go with his best friend, Rhys. Rog took them while I stayed home with a napping Peyton. I requested lots of pictures and he didn't disappoint. I had about 30 to go through when they got home!

They read them some superhero books, ate cupcakes (with Batman and Superman rings on top), took pictures with Spiderman and Batman (who made a guest appearance), colored superhero masks, and put together flying superheroes to take home.

I love how Corbyn is wearing a Superman sweater and a Batman cape and Rhys is wearing a Batman sweater and a Superman cape!

They had a great time!


Rachel said...

So fun!! I hope they have a princess party for Peyton ;)

tracy said...

Looks like they had such a fun time! especially love the last picture.

Were there any Super
Hero girls?

Wonder Woman!

tracy said...

Cat Woman! Bat Girl!