Saturday, March 22, 2014

St. Patty's Day

I saw this scavenger hunt on Pinterest and thought it would be an easy way to make St. Patty's Day fun for the kids. I cut out some leprechaun footprints on my Silhouette and left a trail for them to follow when they woke up.

They found a little note from the leprechaun and the first clue. 

We followed that clue to the fridge...

...then to Corbyn's shoes, the front door, and finally Peyton's room where they found Lucky Charms and a little treat.

We enjoyed our Lucky Charms with green milk and a green smoothie for me (loving my Blendtec!).

Rog was already on his way to school when we got up, but don't worry, the leprechaun had planned ahead and poured a bowl for him!

Green shirts are always a must at our house.

For dinner I made Shepherd's Pie (but not in a jar). It was good enough that I think it will be making an appearance at our dinner table more often than just on St. Patty's Day!