Friday, March 28, 2014

Five on Friday

1. We had 2 really beautiful days Monday and Tuesday. We went to Waffle Love for a FHE treat and  spent a lot of time outside playing with friends in shorts! And then Wednesday and Thursday hit and we were so rudely reminded that it is still spring!

2. Smoothies for breakfast have become an almost daily occurrence (and a green one is often requested) around here with the Blendtec. We usually need a little something to go with our smoothie, so I have started making muffins. This week I discovered Mel's Healthy Applesauce Oat Muffins. They have been a roaring success - healthy and the kids love them. What more could I ask for?

3. Our next door neighbor (an older lady who lives alone) had surgery today, so we told her we would take care of her dog, Charlie, while she is in the hospital. The kids think it's just about the greatest thing ever to walk him. 

4. Rog and I went on a hot date this afternoon. We had lunch with some of his buddies from KLAS at Slab Pizza, went to a few fabric stores to (unsuccessfully) search for the perfect fabric for a project I'm working on, and then went to the eye doctor for our yearly exam. Why oh why do they always have to dilate our eyes? Worst thing ever!

5. We've started doing a date night exchange with a few families in our ward. Tonight was our first time watching the kids. There are usually 8 kids total, but one family was sick and didn't come tonight, so we only had 5 kids. We took Charlie on a walk, played at a playground, watched Frozen, and ate popcorn. I'd say it was a success except maybe when one of the girls ate a dog treat. (But I got her to spit it out and her parents just laughed when we told them about it, so even that turned out ok.)


Mom Lori said...

Enjoy your posts

Cute photos :)

The Goodrich's said...

Mel's healthy applesauce carrot muffins are good too. I was a little skeptical that my kids would eat them but I didn't say anything and they each gobbled up more than one!

tracy said...

You do know you'll have to get a dog now, don't you? :)